Gbibat Workout - The Ability of Changing القدرة على التغيير - Larache 2016

من أخطر الثقافات السائدة ثقافة التهميش والاقصاء التي تدفع بالبعض الى الادمان على الكحول والمخدرات بأنواعها والجريمة والانحراف.
هؤلاء الشباب هم مجموعة من الابطال العصاميين ابناء حي القبيبات بعد ان شكلوا مجموعات رياضية هي خليط البطالة والمخدرات والانحراف والشعور العميق بمرارة الاقصاء قاموا بمجهود جبار نبيل لوضع حد لهذه المعاناة ومعالجتها ومجابهتها فاتخذوا القصد الاسمى للرياضة هدفهم والروح الرياضية التي تجمعهم هي رسالة حب وموعظة للاجيال القادمة من ابناء الحي لمنحهم الثقة في النفس وروح التحدي والتأقلم في المجتمع مجمعهم الرياضي قصر النصر التاريخي المتاكل بعد ان تحملوا اعباء تنظيفه بتنسيق واشراف بعض جمعيات المدينة واعداد حيز منه لممارسة هوايتهم منتظرين دعمكم.
بقلم الأستاذ أحمد بلال
Among the most dangerous practices that are wide spread: social exclusion and humiliation. It transform too many people into addicts of drugs, alcohol and various kinds of crimes.
These youngsters are a group of self-made heroes living in a district called ''GBIBAT'' that is very excluded and known by drug addiction and crime space.
With a self initiative work, out of drug addiction, jobless, alcohol and crime, they collaborated and formed a sportive group to workout and express their sufferance and depression within the area where they live.
They made an honest and great effort to stop their addiction and depression and try to recover and heal their situation by making sport their ultimate goal. They are gathered with a sportive spirit to spread a message of love, coexistence and freedom, for them and for the coming generation of their neighborhood, to trust again their abilities and skills and to prove how challenging they are for any difficulties.
There home space if an old marginalized roman castle that exist by side of the old Medina of Larache, north of Morocco. A place where they took the struggle of cleaning and taking care of its corners until they can start training. With the help of some local association, they could make it to start training waiting for your aid.
Written by Ahmed Bilal
Cities Larache
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