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Dunes Luxury Camp: Your Home In The Sahara Desert
Choosing to stay with us, you will enjoy modern home comforts in a traditional way. Whether you are looking for a short visit or a longer holiday.

Our Sahara Desert Dunes Luxury Camp composed of 10 luxury tents beautifully decorated with different colors in each one and characterized by bigger beds. Our camp room tents and suits are : single, double or twin, triple and quadruple hotel rooms. Please check the section ”Tents” for pricing and more details. These 10 tent rooms can sleep a maximum of 32 people. Perfect for getting away with family or group friends. Contact us via email or call phone to pick your perfect color.

We offer a complete package which best cater for your interests.
We offer a complete range of services and products that can be arranged in a customized package to suit our customers’ needs and can be adapted as your needs evolve over time.

Songs Names:
-Bytheway-May Latent
-groupe derhane issouf libyene Astadiktegh الأغنية الأصلية
By : Karaoui Elhoucine
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