Walking Tour of Fes Medina — Morocco Africa Video Walk (4K) - Ambience Walk in Fez

Walking Around the Medina of Fes / Fez in 4K.

Take an immersive ambience walk through the streets of Fes (Fez) with The Meridian Expedition.

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Walking Tour Fes
Virtual tour in Fes, in Fez in 4K

If you’re still wondering where to go and explore and actually feel the history - then take a look at this marvel.

Our pursuit of learning more about Morocco led us to the city of Fes
Welcome to the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco until 1925.

Come with us to the streets of Fez. The Medina experience is unique for everyone.

Specially for you we have made a 4K ambience walk around the Medina, so you can join us in discovering it until it gets dark.

Walking around the place can remind you of a treasure hunt , while the treasure is unknown, the locals are friendly and helpful.

Be sure to listen to their numerous stories that can help you understand some of the peculiarities.

Fez is a great city to get lost in. Because you never know what you find. As Chesterton said - the traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see. The tourists sees what he has come to see.

So throw out that tourist guide an explore on your own with an open heart. You are destined to find more, if you look for it.

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