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Larache (also El Araich) is an important harbour town in the region Tanger-Tétouan in northern Morocco. It was founded in the 7th century when a group of Muslim soldiers from Arabia extended their camp at Lixus onto the south bank of the Oued Loukos (river Loukos).
In 1471, the Portuguese settlers from Asilah and Tangier drove the inhabitants out of Larache, and again it remained uninhabited until the Sultan of Fes, Mohamed es Said ech Sheik, decided to repopulate it and build a stronghold on the plateau above river Loukos. He constructed a fortress at the entrance to the port as a means of controlling access to the river.
In the 15th century superpower due to their marine expenditures Portugal spoke of Larache as the largest Moroccan Port.
For a long time, attempts by the Portuguese, Spanish and French to take it met with no success. The Kasbah which was built in 1491 by Moulay en Nasser, later became a pirate stronghold. In 1610, the town passed to Spanish hands who stayed there until 1689 about 79 years but mainly used the ports as trading stops and never really administered the town. Moulay Ismail finally retook it in 1689. Attacks on Larache continued but it still remained in Muslim hands. But due to the colonisation era Spain, in 1911, took Larache and held it for 45 years or until 1956.
Today Larache has a population of approximately 117,000. Periods of Arab and Spanish rule have left their mark, although the most dominant is the Muslim Arab influence. The layout of the old town is typically Arab, while houses in the new town seem to be Andalusian in style.
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