Self Isolation Vlog in RABAT MOROCCO -- A Quarantine Vlog of a day in our lockdown lives.

In this video, we show you a quarantine vlog of day in our lives in Rabat Morocco through. Morocco has been in a state of lockdown for several weeks and we are showing you some of our daily life through this self isolation vlog!

As we are on hiatus from our plans to travel due to the current pandemic, we have been locked down in an apartment in Rabat, Morocco until it's safe to travel again!

We are trying to stay productive and busy during the quarantine and we give you a bit of a view into our lockdown life in this self isolation vlog showing off what a typical day looks like for us from Rabat Morocco.

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"Big Spoon (Instrumental Version)" by Roof
"Borrowed Matches" by Tape Machines
"Colliding (Instrumental Version)" by Alder
"From the Cliffside" by Tape Machines
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