La Maison Arabe, Marrakech, Morocco - presented by The Couture Travel Company

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Described as the ‘epitome of Moroccan elegance,’ La Maison Arabe is a stunning hideaway which is based on a unique fusion of traditional Moroccan hospitality and contemporary luxury, perfectly balanced in the form of this stunning hotel. Located in Marrakech, the hotel is built using traditional Moroccan craftsmanship (tadelakt walls, chiseled plaster, cedar wood ceilings). The hotel channels a very distinct, and authentic, Moroccan flavour which resonates throughout the building. La Maison Arabe also features a traditional Hammam Spa, which uses Moroccan techniques to offer a very different kind of therapy to guests seeking unique reinvigoration. The hotel is widely considered one of the best in Morocco, thanks to its stunning designs, luxury amenities and traditional décor. The hotel can be reached via Marrakech-Menara Airport, which is located in close proximity to Marrakech city.
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